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You know you played KSP too long when...


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When you have reached the third level of kerbal engineer. Let me explain: Level one is the "newbie" engineer. L1 builds without tools. He stacks rockets because they look cool. Level two is the "experienced" engineer. L2 uses all the tools there are to build rockets that work, dammit. Level three is the "veteran" engineer. He dispenses with the tools, and builds rockets by intuition. L3 rockets fly the first time. An L3 can tell just by looking how far a rocket can take its payload.

A Level Four Engineer dispenses with the user interface and builds rockets line-by-line in the craft file.

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this place is interesting as well, not sure if cloud reflection, or undersea volcano event ((prolly  cloud)) (the fragmentation a bit south is kinda interesting too)

(all in all there many place that look more or less like acrylic paintin' aging, i mean the way the ice behave, prolly the ice have some similar pattern with painting aging and noticeably: heat and "plain weave" support distorsion over time)

((https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craquelure & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_materials_properties#Mechanical_properties))

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When you design a 1400 ton rocket in ksp that does not reach orbit.(It is designed to send large payloads on interplanetary trajectories, and thus does not waste fuel circularising at kerbin orbit. In addition, said rocket was made using Making History, because of the Saturn V parts.)  That or you are one of the people who post in this thread.(Or anywhere else in the forum for that matter.)

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