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Need Help With BD armory mod install


Someone please help, I seem to have a problem with installing the mod B.D. armory. I installed it into the game data folder for ksp and the files even seem to show as some of the loading files on the first loading screen for the game. But when I am in the game none of the files show up in utility or any of the other files. Any solutions? I've tried everything.

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Pretty sure this is an installation issue. Some mods are extremely sensitive to the exact file paths by which their assets can be reached. A common newcomer mistake that screws up these paths is having nested GameData folders. This happens because there is not really a common standard as to how mod downloads are packaged into zip files.

For any given zip file you download and open, you can encounter one of three folder structure variants:
1.) ActualModFolders \ Stuff
2.) GameData \ ActualModFolders \ Stuff
3.) ModName \ GameData \ ActualModFolders \ Stuff

In all three cases, what you actually need to do is to copy ActualModFolders (plural, as there may be dependencies) over to your GameData folder. In case 1, that's easy, because it's the first thing you see. But in case 2, you need to click into the GameData folder in the zip file first (or, merge that one with your GameData folder instead of copying the mods over). And in case 3, you need to click through two folders before you find what you need. Also, at first glance, case 3 often looks indistinguishable from case 1 until you start clicking into the folders to chack what it is.

If you do it wrong in case 2, you end up with something like GameData \ GameData \ ModName on your disk.
If you do it wrong in case 3, you end up with something like GameData \ ModName \ GameData \ Modname on your disk.

Both of these cases break the pathing to the mod's resource and asset files, causing parts not to load when the game starts as they cannot find their models and textures. I'm pretty much 100% sure that this is exactly what is happening to you :wink:


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45 minutes ago, SamBallington said:

My folder is structured GameData, then BDArmory, then all of the parts and plugins etc. So if you are saying to copy the bdarmory folder into the GameData folder for Ksp, that did not work for me. Sorry for the newbness.

Hi can you grab a screenshot of the install showing the path please. 90% of troubles with BDA are as mentioned above installation problems .  The path below is the ONLY path that will allow the mod to be fully functional and allow expansions to correctly reference shared assets

If you have installed correctly all parts will show up in a unique BDarmory category in the parts editor, In recent versions no part will or can show in the Utility section

"YourDrive:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\BDArmory"  Using Steam 

"YourDrive:\Program Files\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\BDArmory"  using a bought from squad store install 

Obviously the drive and folder are unimportant, as long as the BDA folder is in the GameData of your KSP install . what is very important is that you do not remove any folders of plugins from the installation.   Opening the BDArmory folder in you GameData should show the following items


If there is ANYTHING missing please re download . If you have it installed any other way please re install correctly

If you have thoroughly checked that everything is correct and the mod is still not functional please zip a copy of the game log and make it available for me to download and inspect.


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