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The jet in space recovery

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First off I made this jet engine off the juno. And called it juno Mk2. So I was flying a drone with the cheat hack gravity. And the engine is the juno Mk2 and it has 1,000 kN of thrust. then I crashed some parts survived the crash and one of them was the juno Mk2 it had a Max crash speed of 1,000 m/s. And it flies into space and was orbiting kerbol. So made a space plane to go get it. It took about 40 minutes to get to it and about 50 minutes to get back. when I was near kerbin I tried to time warp but it said can not time warp while moving over terrain But I was in space. I had reentry at about 5 km/s. the Space plane's cargo bay's (that I put on the very front) wall came off and the juno Mk2 fell out. but it survived the water crash that was about 47 m/s. But it's MAx crash speed is 1,000 m/s. And the space plane did survived but not the cargo bay wall. And I saved a lot of money by getting back the juno Mk2 because I made it cost 100,000 funds. So that's the end of that if I have any more things happen I might make one. So see ya

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