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Photography Showcase Thread!


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Hey guys! I was looking around the forums, and I noticed that there was no photos showcase thread anywhere! So I searched around and found this one:

Sadly it's been out of action for almost an year now, and since I didn't want to go around necro-bumping old threads I decided to make a new one. So, post your pictures (non-KSP) here, whether you're a professional or a newbie! Just try to put all the images inside spoilers as to not clutter up the thread!


I guess I'll, uh, start.


Here's some random pictures I took with my trusty-yet-used digital camera!


These couple few are all taken during the early hours of the morning while I waited for school to start:



And this is one of my cats chilling in the grass:



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Thank you for opening this thread. @Pine

When it comes to photography what I do is research old cottages and farmsteads.  I will then plan a days photography every now and then visiting a few.






I need to find my pictures and re-upload higher resolution versions of some of my older pictures.

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Yeah, I'm into hobby photography for almost 3 years now.

Shooting at night, with my old hometown nearby. Not me in the photo.

And I got this one while waiting for the ISS

I was close to a streetlight, so the light was reflected and dispersed on the inside of the lens. From an astrophotography standpoint it's rubbish, but it's just so beautiful.

Got a lot more stuff, if you guys wanna see.

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Gibraltar 360° panoramic view (watch the flat earth proof on the left):


La Palma, view over the Caldera de Taburiente to the south east. Basically a section through a volcano with dikes and sheets and things. Height difference in the caldera ~1500m. In the background to the left the Teide on Tenerife, La Gomera peeps through the mist on the right:




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I took a picture of the sun during sunset, i focused my camera on the sun so the camera would make the surrounding things darker than the focused point. If you look closely, you can see a house next to it.


Here you can have a look at the same sunset, but with every building and object.



It is kind of sad that i do not live near any beatifull landmarks, its all just town buildings. I do know how to get to the coast though (Wijk aan Zee is the name of the coast area). So can take some pictures there.

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17 hours ago, CelticCossack51 said:

A PLA Airforce jet in a tiny amusement park in Yangshan (just south-west of Beijing).



Is it just me, or is China and its surrounding countries filled with old MiGs on display.

Seems pretty common there, I wish that here had plenty of Hunters and Lightnings on display...

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Oh goodness, where do I start?



My dog Riley ^


Here she is again, just chillin' ON TOP of my couch... ^


The Bell X-1 at the National Air and Space Museum in D.C. ^


The Apollo 11 capsule ^


An albino pidgeon in D.C. ^


My favorite picture I took of the Capital Building ^


They sense the presence of Forrest Gump ^


One of my favorite pictures from that trip, its the Washington Monument's reflection in the water ^


I like taking pictures of clouds ^


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