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Photography Showcase Thread!


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17 minutes ago, StrandedonEarth said:

Probably convection cells: rising columns of warm air that's moist enough to condense when it hits the colder layers of air higher up

I mean, I know how clouds form. I was referring more to their shapes, sizes and structures.

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A couple weeks ago the Thunderbirds were in town. I neglected to go, but watched from home:



Yesterday, we went out to El Malpais to watch some bats fly out of lava tube caves.

Here's one of the caves:



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4 minutes ago, Delay said:

I mean, I know how clouds form. I was referring more to their shapes, sizes and structures.

Well, yeah, I was trying to narrow it down to narrower columns. Pockets of moister air, perhaps. A field drying out after an overnight rain?  Need more info, like time of day and the geography underneath.

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1 hour ago, Delay said:

Meanwhile, here are some clouds I don't think I've ever seen like this before...

Please educate me: What atmospheric conditions were at work here?


From my meteorology-enthusiastic-but-pitiful point of view, I would go for a pack of Altocumulus Flocus. Generally speaking, they are viewed as "advertisers" (PROB30, anybody?) of a stormy weather in the following hours.

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More pictures of the space center, but this time of the "first part" of the museum (I do not remember sharing them here).

Well... apart of the mock-up that you know pretty well.





Sojourner. Forgotten and often ignored by the visitors, yet an historical machine.



Next is a mock-up of the Mars Exploration Rovers.




Why did you abandon us?


Finally, the beast:



Curiosity is such a monster when compared to the earlier models.




Then, time to go back outside for a tour of launchers on display:




A zoomed view of Titan-Gemini.




There are many more, and to avoid invading the page all the remaining photos are in the spoiler.



From left to right: Titan-Gemini, Atlas-Agena, Redstone-Mercury, a scale 1:1 mock-up of an Apollo capsule, Thor-Delta, Juno II, Jupiter-C Juno I (with Explorer I), and a Rocketdyne F-1 engine (thanks to the person for acting as a human-scale reference :D)








A closer look at the LR-87 nozzles:



And the engine itself:




40% of success only, but still the launcher which carried the first US spacecraft escaping from Earth's gravity.



Juno-C with Saturn IB.




You're talkin' to me?


(Nothing is better than a Rocketdyne H-1 nozzle to rest, obviously)


Atlas-Agena, beautifully preserved.






Atlas-Mercury, which is actually the first launcher welcoming you when entering the complex.




A closer-view of Mercury's LES:




And one of Atlas' Vernier thruster:




Another view of the Pack, with the ET/SRB this time:




Redstone-Mercury, which is sadly standing next to the Astronaut Hall of Fame, making it hard to shot entirely.






Finally, just another shot of Atlas-Agena:


(I like the presence of the old man looking at the launcher)


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The only memories I would keep of STP-2.




(Even the light pole was against me that night)



Some pictures of the SLS ML-1 at the 39B.







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Replaced the terrible pictures from yesterday with slightly better ones.
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Some lousy-quality photos I had to quickly catch with my iPhone, heavily cropped....

A thundershower coming through the pass....


And some deer frolicking in Frosst Creek in the early morning....


Maybe this is a little better, not cropped...


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On 6/4/2019 at 10:05 PM, Delay said:

Played around with motion blur again! This time I got much better results, with a different ride!

Ha, I have been too, but the opposite way around; tracking a moving object to blur the background but keep the object sharp (this was at the British Grand Prix). This was made quite difficult as the cars were accelerating hard out of a corner, not moving at a constant speed!


I was also pleasantly surprised at how well my crappy phone handled this moving, light-y night picture!


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So my kids finally won, and we got a kitten. We were at our vet's house for a party (we knew our vet before she was our vet), and she told us that she had 2 kittens at her office they were looking for homes for.


Ours is the one on the right. Her brother (left) belongs to a friend of ours who was getting similar requests from his daughters. They're both at our house right now (hence the pic) because he took the girls on a vacation right after we stumbled upon the kittens, and we figured they could hang at our house and not have one immediately stuck in kitty prison for 10 days.

So far, so good (and our dog is nice to everyone, and everything, so both cats are being socialized with a dog).

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Yes it is a panorama photo. No I wouldn't be able to take this with a single lens. But they look cool IMO, just a "fortunate accident" if you like (I intended to take other things).


Here's a funny-looking traveler.


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Going transonic.






Second reentry burn:




Aaaannnnnd...  that's it.

I held the camera until the last second, focused on B1056, and I waited for the traditional sonic boom, telling to myself, "It has to be the best catch on a RTLS I ever made until now!"... Only to realize the camera wasn't recording ---->  6_cc0e0b6b-4b8c-4b52-ba5d-e8da39abe776_large.png?v=1544200556

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A beautiful day at Chilliwack Lake...


Mountain Lab Heaven: A ball and a beach.


The shirt (a freebie from a 2-4 of Molson Canadian) says "From Far and Wide," but it makes me feel "From Fat and Wide." Or maybe that's the Molson Muscle



I think she would have happily swam out there forever...


Some of the mountaintops around the lake...



That may be a closer view from a different angle of the distant peak in the "Storm coming through the pass" pic I posted upthread. Maybe. I dunno. It's in the right direction....

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