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Photography Showcase Thread!


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I've recently begun experimenting with an Infrared DSLR I acquired a while back. There have been many wildfires in the area that I live, but the smoke from the fires was able to reduce the brightness of the light coming from the sun (kind of like a natural solar filter). Because of this I was able to safely take some Infrared picture of the sun. Here is one of the resulting images.







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Took a few images over the last month. Some of them ended up quite well, even though they may be slightly over oder underexposed as I'm trying to learn proper exposure.

Here's a mallard:




A cat whose owner (if any?) we haven't been able to work out:



I just find this one funny. I think it's the eyes that make me smile a bit when I see it.


A red kite that flew directly over my head. Now, my rather old, entry-level DSLR only has 11 focus points, and getting a moving object nicely inside one is a bit difficult. Point is, I'm trying to find excuses for them being slightly out-of-focus.
I do take full responsibility for the underexposure, tough. There was a cloud in the background and I blindly trusted the meter. I still have to work out good how many stops I should correct with.




Finally, a kestrel. Them hovering gives you plenty of time to prepare and take nice shots!




I took over 100 images in that time, which is over 100 more than the last two years combined! These are simply a subset of the most presentable.

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Mistook a kestrel for a red kite
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