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I couldn't see anything against the rules for this, so I thought 'Why not?'


Anyway, pretty much I'm doing a project for a course at the moment which requires me to complete a full website, from design to implementation. Through this design I need some good old research. Which is why I've created the below survey. It's a couple of question about browsers, devices and what's important to you (the user) in a website. Don't fear, I've turned on anonymous responses so no IPs or data is logged. I'd greatly appreciate if as many people as possible complete the survey, and try spreading it to some of your friends too! Thanks all who answer the survey, the link is below.




UPDATE: I'll also be linking here a repository to my Github for a basic 'template' page of the completed website - the page will pretty much include all sections and components used in the website, but in one page. There won't be any logos and the fonts I've used won't be included (as they're not for distribution, but free to use commercially), however I will link the fonts I've used in the README of the repository. The source will also be licensed, and the specific license used will be detailed on the repository (as well as additional requirements for use).

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8 hours ago, astrokerb said:

Will you provide a link to the website when it is finished?

Actually, now that you mention it, I won't be providing a link to the website as such - but I will upload the source for the 'template' webpage onto my Github (the repository for which I will link once the project has been completed and assessed). The page will pretty much include all the sections and other components that I've used among all the pages, but in one page.

7 hours ago, Shpaget said:

Filled out.

Good luck with your project.

Thanks :D

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I did the survey :D (Actually I did it about a day ago)

For the what web browsers do you use bit, there should be a option for the Tor Browser. 

(This bit is probably useless buuuut...) When I selected Microsoft Edge in the what browsers do you use bit, I only use Microsoft Edge for being logged into multiple accounts for the game NationStates, for when I clicked on Other, I use Tor (sometimes, for stuff I don't want spied on).

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Tor Browser is based off of Firefox, so it doesn't REALLY matter too much as the only real reason for that part is for compatibility between browsers. From what I've seen so far, I'm going to be able to cleanly remove support for IE/Edge as they don't really control much of the share of answers at the moment; especially with the most used browser. So it doesn't REALLY matter, I'm only focusing on the more common ones that 'common folk' use. Thanks for answering as well! :D

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I've now closed the survey with a total of 25 responses. For those of you interested, the responses are as follows:

- 64% of those who answered prefer to browse with their desktop

- 44% prefer to use Google Chrome (only 12% use IE/Edge)

- 48% have a screen larger than 1920px (width), indicating that about half have a 1080p screen

- 76% browse with the window maximised, but not fullscreen

- When someone recommends a website to them, there is about a 54% chance that they'll visit it

- The navigation of a website is quite important, scoring a 7.4/10

- By comparison, colours are important, but not make or break - only scoring 5.2/10


Thanks to all those who answered, the link for the GitHub repo probably won't be up for awhile (lazy teachers)

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