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did the game look better a long time ago?


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No. It did not.

Old: (since 0.7.3)





Crappy water, crappy coliders, and a monochromatic low-res tiled green for the whole planet.

Demo: (added in 0.10)



Not perfect, but more reliable, stable, and definitely much better looking

Paid (added in .14.2)



Absolutely gorgeous. Ice caps and forests added.

I\'ve been playing since 0.85, and the terrain has definitely improved. A ton. The newest update to it is simply amazing.

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I think they were changed because the new terrain engine wasn\'t compatible with them, but I\'m nut sure, just guessing. Although it didn\'t look that good as you\'d think. In my opinion the current textures and the new terrain engine are much nicer. The palm trees looked cool, but they were just stock trees for the unity engine used as a placeholder, and they were only present near the VAB. However I have to admit, that the Mun texture was better back then. But still, I bet that the textures will be changed a few times till we reach 1.0.

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The old terrain engine was dropped because it had a ton of errors (such as the infamous dark-side minefield) and precluded a night/day cycle for Kerbin. The update to the .10 terrain engine allowed the Mün to exist at all, and allowed Kerbin to rotate.

Mün looks a lot better under the .14.2 terrain, imho, with higher peaks, darker maria, and striking features (the far-side canyon, for one)

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