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The Wasp: Small Stock Tilt-Wing Vtol


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On 3/29/2018 at 10:15 PM, The_Cat_In_Space said:

Sorry for necroposting, but if you swapped the jet engines for RAPIERs and added some stuff would it be able to go in space? I'm downloading this craft right now

Personally i'm fine with Necroing, kinda a mechanic of forums in my opinion but I appear to be in a minority on that. As for the Wasp I haven't done anything with it in quite a while, and It has no oxidizer on board as far as I remember. You could take the mechanics of it and adapt it to that role, but I'd imagine it would take a non-small amount of overhauling to get it even space worthy. If you do though let me know cause it would be really cool.

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I've only just gotten around to checking this out.  AMAAAZING!!!  Now Ive seen everything!

This is the kind of thing you keep on the roof of a mountain chalet retreat to commute to your local connector airport.  Beautiful work.

(Update: this could benefit from 2 more keys: one to select HORZ (Control From Cockpit) and one to select VERT (Control From Okto2 placed flat just behind the cockpit).  Setting VERT in combination with SFC Radial Out would facilitate a beautiful hover...  I'm going to give this a try!)

Note the AWACS-Okto2 now mounted and the navball pointing up with RadOut held.


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I am very, very enthused about this aircraft and can now deploy it from an airborne flat-bed carrier.  At the moment, I have to stage it away in the air, with a chute (which is fun), due to problems on the ground.

The mechanism switching to nearby craft used to control the wing tilt mechanism isn't great when other aircraft are nearby.  Meanwhile, I note that there is a HECS controller inside.  If that were oriented the right way (direction up), it could be used instead of the external Okto2 I added.  However, the Cockpit orientation is slanted downward which makes forward flight (using SAS or Atmospheric Autopilot just slightly problematic).  Biting the bullet and having two, light-weight Oktos inside, one oriented up and one horizontally would ameliorate this.  Ah, and a third action to control the wings by selecting Control From Here to one of the docks perhaps.

So the 3 flight control keys would be Horz, Vert and Tilt.

(OK, so the Undock and Decouple actions can both go on the Tilt key.  The decouple works the first time, one time, just as you want to release the tilt mechanism anyway.  After that, Tilt is effectively just the Undock that you'd desire.)

@Bloojay, your thoughts?

Update: OK, so I have implemented the 3 flight control keys, but there's no way around the Switch Vessel conundrum[*] once the ship has split into two logically-separate vessels.  Shazbat!!

I've also put a cockpit ladder on it and made the CoM Mk2-R radial chute standard.  (For VTOL, it's a cop-out but it's great for very silent, lights-out, surprise approaches!  Or if you just run out of Jet-A...  :)  )

* although I wonder if a different ordering of parts in the tree could make control go with the wings, rather than the fuselage, when undocking?  One would then operate the tilt mechanism immediately and redock in the new position, automatically returning control to the One New Vessel...  :wink:  So intriguing.

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