R-25N 'Bruce' - The Flying Labrotory

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Every once and awhile I get crazy ideas. This was one of those moments; Meet the R-25N 'Bruce'


This is a mobile science lab; all 83T of it. Powered by 4 turbofan engines, this monster can cruise at around 200 m/s and has a massive flying range. It isn't the fastest or most maneuverable, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve. Starting with the science lab itself.


Neatly tucked into the fuselage is not only a dedicated science lab but also habitation for the crew. Deployed once landed, the Bruce then becomes a full-scale research station that, once its mission is complete, can take off and return to the nearest runway. The unit is powered by a deployable RTG, with the lab and habitat pods being cooled by thermal units.


The Bruce also has atmospheric, pressure and surface scanners on its belly, which can be operated while in flight.

So yeah, this took about an hour to make, fine tune and fly. This is a modded aircraft, obviously. The mods are:

  1. Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
  2. Stock Extension
  3. TweakScale

If you would like to give the Bruce a spin, the download link is here: https://kerbalx.com/OrbitalTalos/R-25N-Bruce


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