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Welcome to the Ida/Dactyl Challenge!

This challenge is meant to be a difficult quest for, well, making an asteroid have its own moon!

But not just any asteroid...


This challenge is to give Gilly a Moon(s) of it(s) own!

Now here is the Inspiration for this challenge.

The Ida/Dactyl system was first discovered by the Probe Galileo in 1993, being one of the first Minor Planet systems that comes to mind. This system was an excellent discovery, showing that even objects with extremely small amounts of gravity can still have their own Satelites. Ida measures about 23 Miles across, while Dactyl is about 1.5 miles across. Dactyl orbits at about 96 miles above Ida's surface in a Prograde orbit. 

Now enough of the science, (Even though we all appreciate some amount of it), lets get to the Details!

Your objective is to [For the Normal Difficulty] to get a class-C to E asteroid in orbit around Gilly, the very similiar in size hunk of Carbon. The end result of this is Gilly having a Trojan moon! [A moon of a Moon]

The rules:

1.The use of Hyperedit or any other mod that does things similiar is strictly prohibited. Your craft gets attacked by the Kraken? No exceptions.

2.The only mods that are allowed are Graphical, Shader, utility [Kerbal Alarm clock], and a small list below.

3. You are not allowed to mine from this asteroid, sorry, but if you feel like bringing an extra one for fuel, go right ahead.

4. This can be probed or manned, but if manned, you must bring the Kerbals back. [If probed, destroy the Evidence of it so Conspiracy Kerbals don't get suspicious...]

5. Any mode is allowed for this, but for difficulties higher than Medium, Career mode is required.

6. An orbit in between 16 and 47 is required for a passing mission. This is to make it look more like the real thing. [Km is the distance]

7. If the asteroid somehow manages to crash into gilly, you gotta bring it back up and into place. No getting a new one. [For those hardcore Challenge beaters, Quick-saves can override this rule!]

Mod list:[For mods that didn't fall into parameters above in rule 2]

KIS, KAS, OPM, Kerbal Planetary systems [Dunno why, maybe a Fuel Base?], Asteroid Day, Any Life support Mod [Again, just for future clarification]

OUTLAWED MODS [Shoot on sight with Flea boosters] 

Tweakscale, any Future Tech Mod [CURRENT TECH PLS], any part modifier unless listed otherwise [Like KIS or KAS]


 Easy: For you people that want a quick, easy job, but dont care for the fun of challenge

All class Asteroids allowed, Any Mode, Allowed to take Ore from Asteroid, Probed or manned, Outlawed mods are *Sigh* allowed, only 1 Asteroid is required

Normal: For those people that want a fun challenge, but without the glory or hassle!

Classes C, D, and E are allowed; Any mode, Not allowed to take ore from Asteroid, Probed or manned, NO OUTLAW MODS, only 1 asteroid required.

Medium: For those few who want a nice, hard challenge, but without the Unnecessary Hair Pulling of the ones above.

Classes D or E allowed, Any mode, Not allowed to take ore from ANY Asteroid, Probed or Manned [Probe has to be Destroyed at the end, manned has to return home], no Outlaw Mods, 2 Asteroids Required

Hard: For those that don't mind doing the occasional fit of rage or passing out from exhaustion...

Only Class E allowed, Career mode only, No refueling from Asteroids or Moons; Major body fuel only, Probed; but has to return home for Specialized Deconstruction; manned; bring back home in area surround KSC,  3 Asteroids Required [Getting crowded up here...]

Very hard: You asked for it buddy; don't blame me if your computer dies, breaks, gets punched by angry owner, or gets thrown INTO space. 

Only class E allowed, Career mode only, No Refueling from out of system; only Eve Fuel is allowed for refueling, Manned only; has to land within KSC property OR on the Abandoned Island, 5 Asteroids Required.

Rage Quit mode: WARNING, DO NOT PLAY THIS MODE IF YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM: High Blood Pressure, Strokes, Anger Issues, A recent Break up, Depression, or Heart Attacks

Only Class E allowed, Career mode only [Hard Mode for game], No refueling PERIOD, Manned only; only allowed to land within KSC grounds [The Cement or upper grass areas, or Runway], 5 Asteroid Required [Felt like 5 was the upper limit people can handle, didn't want to overwhelm people], Orbit Threshold LOWERED to between 8 KM to 15 KM; Lowered to JUST above surface; made not to be accurate, but for the SHEER challenge of it.


If any of you have any questions, just ask, I will always be available after 4 PM on weekdays, and from 10 AM to 9 PM on Weekends unless stated otherwise.

Happy Orbiting :cool:  


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