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Favorite Non Orange Suit Kerbal?


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Dunemy Kerman would have to be my favorite. He took over as main pilot in my career save after I sent the original four out on what would become a 5 to 10 year science mission. They're still there, thanks to a contract I had to expand it, but I never have time to do it, and each time I say I'm gonna bring them home, I see the contract and think: "Oh I should really do that first....." So Dunemy is the replacement for them. Thank heavens he's a good pilot.

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I've had a lot of Kerbals over the years. I don't remember most of them, and those few I remember are long gone. But perhaps the most important is GregSux Kerman. He's been with me for almost a year now, and he's always there to remind me how much possibility there really is in the Kerbal Universe.

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Kimlotte Kerman. Last survivor of my first landing on laythe. She was the first out the door, and thats when i found out i forgot the ladders. Retracted the legs so she could reach the hatch, but had landed on a slope, so the other 8 kerbals, and the whole structure slid into the ocean at high speed. 

She has since commanded a great deal of missions, and has by far the most prestigious flight record. I delete the orange suits anyway. Its no fun to use the same ones everyone else has.

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Mausei, scientist babe.

Theoberry, slightly befuddled pilot.

I've got several contract pack mods installed, and I got these two from either a "drive a Kerbal Tourbus" mission (which gives you half-dozen crew qualified level 0 kerbals, which you apparently get to keep indefinitely if you just do not cancel that mission and never complete it) or some sort of Space Camp mission (sent 14 Kerbals and three crew up in a space camp for 40 days orbiting around Kerbin. There was a gigantic bag of tacos and lots of cases of beer so they were cool . . .).

The random name generator is pretty good.

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They were three.

Mundo Kerman, Raydo Kerman and Raybas Kerman.

They were the favorites of my save's space program. Yes, I put them above the original four.

I felt affection to them. They were special, for some reason...


Until I lost that save. Oops.

On 9/4/2016 at 9:30 PM, TotallyNotJeb said:

I once got 2 kermans. Shelbart and Pepe. Both of them duked it out over the KSC with custom BDArmory planes. Pepe survived, but died due to slipping on a banana peel.

I've also had a Pepe. He somehow vanished from my save, though, and now I have no rare pepes.

Feels bad to have your crew magically disappear, man.

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I accumulate my Kerbals.

Most (Read all) I don't know what rescue mission they came from. Though I do recognize their names. Mind you the ones on top are the one that get used the most.

The only one I know for sure is Loman.

I was just starting out an thought that every mission was created ahead of time by the programmers.

He was orbiting Minmus over the equator at something like 1 or 2 kilometres above the highest peak.

So Loman was to me LowMan.



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Scientist Seefen Kerman, rescued from LKO, landed on the Moon, was the main Kerbonaut for Phobos, the first manned mission to orbit Eve and land on Gilly.

The craft had a unique flaw: leave the craft and you're spun off into deep space at up to 16 m/s. As you might know, if you leave a vessel while on a planet, Ragdoll effects apply, but if you're not on a planet, they don't. The cannon-ball-effect was just slightly bugging, and had no real impact. BUT on Gilly, leaving the Phobos would lead to the astronaut ragdolling for minutes. Problem is, after some minutes of ragdolling, the kraken appears and.. well. So, every time Seefen would need to step out to review experiments, the Phobos would do a ~5m jump that game him enough time to leave the vessel without being attacked by the kraken. He managed to do all 3 of the spacewalks and is now on his way home, together with the pilot and engineer I don't know the name of.

http://imgur.com/LhZyJsi this is what happened after a few minutes.

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I have a group of my favorite Kerbals. I call them the Krakenslayers. 

Colonel Neilbro Kerman [Pilot], flying ace and pilot extraordinaire, both in combat and peacetime, endoatmospheric or exoatmospheric. Living legend in the KSAF.

Joecott Kerman [Engineer], engineering whiz. Replaced a critical part of his mission's spaceplane with "a roll of duct tape and a hammer" (and some KIS parts), saving the mission and the six Kerbals onboard.

Nicholas Kerman [Engineer], founder, CCO, and CEO of Aquila Aerospace. An intrepid Kerbal who decided to start an ambitious aerospace startup after leaving KASA's Kerbonaut Corps.

Dr. Will Kerman [Scientist], brilliant materials scientist for Aquila Aerospace. After leaving Aquila, he now works for KASA. He still helps out occasionally.

None of them have died once. I always spawn them into my games now. They are Aquila Aerospace's premier test pilots and XKOM's most daring and successful operatives. They have stared down the Kraken and survived. They don't fear death. They don't fear the Kraken. They don't fear RUD. They are certified badasses.


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