Repurposed Stock Parts and Stockalike Parts

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This is a "mod" I made for KSP which I feel adds some parts that are missing in default KSP or should be added to default KSP. This is my first mod and will be added to as I have time. Current parts include: A mk16 parachute that can be deployed at 700m/s but it is heavy and expensive. A high power ion engine with the cost of increased fuel and energy use, it should be about 1.25 meters in diameter. Last, A bigger version of the FAT-455 aircraft wing meant for mk3 planes that need more lift than a standard FAT-455 wing can provide. It has increased fuel capacity and cost. Also, everything on this list has a modified description, cost, entry cost along with a few other changes. If there are ANY issues with this mod, please tell me. I know nearly nothing about code so if something goes wrong I am requesting assistance from the KSP forum community. This mod should work will all versions of KSP that are greater than version 1.1, but also with KSP 1.0.5 and higher. Enjoy the mod! (Pictures will be added soon)


I own no rights to the original texture and config files in this mod, excepts rights that come with purchase of KSP. Squad and or Porkjet own rights to the original files. I do however own rights to the modified files, and if I see this mod re-uploaded by someone else who claims it as their own I will request it to be removed.
Link to official KSP website:
Link to Porkjet's profile on the KSP Forums:


Download Link: Stock Parts and Stockalike Parts

*Cough* Welp, I got busy and I guess this didn't get updated. I'll get around to updating this eventually.

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