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stationary vehicle up in air.



hi all crashateers,

Since 1.0.5. ive just messing bout making contraptions til 1.2 arrives, when i noticed a big gap between floor and a parked vehicle on flat ground, looks terrible!! i havent noticed this before til now, havent really looked to be fair or played that much, but like i say, looks amateurish. its not just me is it? have a check and see how detached a vehicle seems from the ground to you.

im 1.1.3 btw steam & 17 mods, this isnt bug report as i dont think it is a bug or mod effect, probly collider of those wheels......anyhoo

Ive attached some pics in both db & imgur, if neither work let me know




what dya reckon?

Aah, i embed wrong image lol this ones doing 11m/s, but i have jpg same vehicle parked, brakes on :wink: honest.

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Extra info - I embed wrong image.
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There have been bug reports of this, although none of them show the rover quite as high off the ground (but they are using the smaller wheels which maybe something to do with it). 
What I found was that there are areas around KSC where the rover appears to be floating and other areas where it appears flush with the ground. Try driving around and see if there are places where it stops floating. 

Anyway bug #7771 has it marked as acknowledged (but also as 100% done which is a bit odd), and these two #8697#8162 are marked as duplicates of #7771.


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