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Plusses suddenly appearing in your thread title are the result of a bug that @Deddly just uncovered. It means a moderator on a mobile device tried to open your thread in a new tab. No need to panic, the sky isn't falling and the forums aren't about to explode (more than they usually do). The bug only affects moderators on mobile devices as far as we know, and can be avoided. I've just thrown this post up so people know what's going on.

I'll unpin the thread when the seniors and admins get around to whacking this one.

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Just now, -DDD- said:

sorry but I'm new here... What is the plusbug?

Heh, see the OP. We've just uncovered a bug where a moderator can accidentally fill+a+thread+title+with+plusses. Also seems that editing a title in general is broken. Like I say, nothing major (the moderators can just avoid long-pressing on thread titles). It's been reported to IPS though, so hopefully a fix will be forthcoming.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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