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This stems from the recent Gus Grissom related discussion, but it made sense to me to make a new suggestion...  (moderators feel free to merge if you think it more appropriate).

My thought here is for a combined tribute to all the achievements made by all human space programs.  Let's face it, without the input from countless engineers and scientists etc none of it would have been possible.  The astronauts, of course,  are the ones we hear more about,  and the ones ultimately taking the biggest risks, but without all the other stuff in the background they wouldn't have been astronauts.

So, what I suggest is an anomaly of some sort dedicated to all the endeavours,  successes and failures that made human space exploration,  and it's ongoing achievements, (and the inspiration for KSP) possible.  

The concept in my head is for something a bit like the Vall Henge or a memorial garden type arrangement. With the biggest 'stone' or whatever carrying the main tribute as described above, a smaller 'stone' could then be placed for each tragedy listing the mission, the basic details, and names of those lost, it could even recognise the 'sacrifices' made by the numerous animals used for test flights etc too.

This could maybe be sited somewhere like Dres or Eeloo, so it's quite hard, but not 'nearly impossible' to get to.  To serve, as someone else suggested, as a 'place of pilgrimage' as well as a worthwhile achievement to get to in its own right.

Thoughts anyone? 

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