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Put a flag in a stable orbit around any body


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We were puzzled to find that Kerbals can only retrieve flags from their knapsacks when landed on a planet or moon. This dashed our hopes to place the Kerbian flag in orbit... but maybe not. That's where you come in of course!

Mission: Place a flag, like those a kerbonaut can place on the Mun and elsewhere, into orbit around a star, planet or moon.

Rules: Using normal mods is ok, but bonus if you do it without them. No actual cheats like hyperedit or debug menu etc.

People who've done it:

Martian Emigrant

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I did managed to pick a flag up and get airborne but the modified SSTO is proving to be impossible to fly correctly with my steel box mounted to the front.

I am running out of free time here so someone else will have to prove this possible.

Pictures pending. I will post my proof. Honest I will.


I will steal some time from myself. Here is the proof you can pick it up:



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That was so cool.

I was going to experiment and the flag ended up being loaded so easy. I am still flabbergasted.



I was going to plant the flag next to the door and see if I could pick it it up with a fork-lift or somesuch.

To that event I installed a "M-Beam 650" on the right side so things wouldn't fall out (The other side) while loading. Wasn't necessary as it turned out.

Closing the door picked it up.


You can see the flag poking out on the left hinge of the door.



Here is the release in orbit:

EDIT: The release it at 2:34



Way cool.

2 thumbs up.



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