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RemoteTech Antenna Selector/Spreadsheet

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KSP RemoteTech Antenna Selector

Google Sheets: Link


This document allows you to view the antennas utilized by RemoteTech to aid you in the preparation for missions to specific bodies.


Antennas Sheet

The 'Antennas' sheet allows you to view all the antennas listed by Mod pack grouping and all their individual statistics.



Antenna Selector Sheet

The 'Antenna Selector' sheet allows you to pick a celestial body and view which antennas are suitable for the application. Planets chosen are considered from Kerbin whilst moons selected are considered around their parent body.



Systems Stats Sheet

The 'System Stats' sheet lists details about all the available bodies to chose from if you wish to make your own calculations or assumptions.



Form Submission

I have included a link on the initial 'Antennas' sheet to a Google Form where you can submit details of antennas you wish for me to include on the spreadsheet. The submissions should auto-fill into the 'Form Submissions' sheet for later review.



Please let me know what you think, any mistakes I have made, any ways I can improve this etc. etc. I don't have much experience with public Google docs so there may be some issues, if anyone has a better way of letting users access and change the 'Body' drop down please let me know.

Hopefully you find this useful for your own games.

KSP RemoteTech Antenna Selector - Google Sheets: Link

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Redirected from here. I am interested in adding other antennas, but to be pragmatic, its probably best that you include antennas from the most popular mods, so you do not have to field off the wall requests all the time. While I think it would be great if you added ORIGAMI and Antennas, I would be remiss if I didn't at least say that I think you should only do it if you think prudent. Basically, don't waste your time if you don't think its worth your time. For what its worth I do use Ven's and OPM and have been keeping on eye on Probe's plus, because having additional antennas is usually a bonus. One of the things I have been waiting for is for the mod to move from Dev to release. The main thing though, is I wanted to compare all of his parts, to make sure I didn't have any redundant parts (in this case antennas) with the rest of my mods. I already have a big enough parts catalog as is. This spreadsheet will go a long way in helping me prune parts as required.


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yeah there are a few good ones out of the fasa pack as well. i wish the rn_probes guys would separate the antennas off of his probes instead of making it all just one model. those would be pretty awesome. ive been using the origami 350 one for my deep space stuff. and the lil pcf5's from aies. i try to just use a couple to keep part counts down. 

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