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Is there a mod that provides lights that don't cast light around, just shine in the darkness - a'la the red lights on Poodle, or the LED indicator on a small battery?

I'm happily using this one:




  • By default KSP allows only 8 simultaneous lights in a single area. If some of your lights aren't showing correctly, raise the "pixel light count" in the settings.
  • Every light in the scene adds rendering complexity. Avoid adding too many lights to not impact FPS.

 AFAIK these indicator lights on batteries and the likes don't cause that problem. Of course they provide no illumination around, but they are visible in darkness, which is all I'm asking for.

Is there some mod providing this?

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33 minutes ago, Sharpy said:

@sebi.zzr Aviation lights are still full lights, but Indicator lights do what I wanted... mostly :) I mean, the surface-mounted one from the pack does.

Hi, if it's only mostly what would you like EXACTLY, as who knows the may be a modder or two who fancy a bit of a mod request as a break from more regular or serious projects

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@SpannerMonkey(smce) Yes, that part is exactly what I wanted, the rest though is a fluff - lights on command pods and science parts and everything else, changing color depending on state, blinking and so on. I can just delete all the rest though.

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