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Saving mod data to sfs files


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Hello there!

I've been working on my mod, PersistentRotation, for quite a long time. If you never heard of it make sure to check it out, to know what I am talking about.

The mod is currently saving it's data into a custom made cfg file. Every time the game quicksaves or switches scenes, a new file is generated.

While I have added code to clean up deprecated versions of the file, I still have the feeling that it isn't the optimal solution to store the data.

A while ago, I have heard about saving mod data to the game's sfs files. This would of course be a a lot more effective way of storing data.

Now, the problem is, my mod saves data per vessel and has no custom parts at all.

Could someone explain me how to do this or send me the corrseponding piece of code?

Thanks in advance.

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You could just move the data into a Scenario (which KSP will save into the persistent.sfs file) instead of manually saving it into a separate file. Many mods save their data in a Scenario like this (AltFunding which I made does this, USI Life Support by RoverDude does, SCANSat does, etc).

The things to look for are subclasses of ScenarioModule and calls to Game.AddProtoScenarioModule().

I've never used VesselModules, but converting to use that would probably be a bigger change (but I also suspect it would be a better approach in the long-term since your data really is specifically tied to each vessel and not just generic per-save information).

Edit: I had assumed VesselModule can persist data the same way PartModule does, but the post Boris linked above says that VesselModule itself provides no facilities for persistence. If so, then ScenarioModule is what you'll want.

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