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Devnote Tuesday: 1.2 is getting ever closer!


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Once you have everything researched that is pretty much what you have anyway.

The game needs a different goal entirely.

I suggest creating an Encyclopaedia is the main science focus of the game. Where there is a place for all this science. A reason to go beyond Mimnus. Where every biome in the game has it's own encyclopaedia entry of experiments performed there.

Pictures taken by the play added to the Encyclopaedia.

Objectives can be reached that can satisfy personal end-games to shorten or lengthen a game as required.

This would make it reasonable to not have clear images of worlds until sighted though a space telescope as many users have asked for.

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2 hours ago, regex said:

Which is one of the reasons we have the gameplay we have. The player has to fly every launch. Every. Single. Launch. Even in a "stock" RO/RP-0 campaign where you have MechJeb installed and can walk away from the screen for a launch, you still have to take that time. And that's a problem for a meaningful career experience where things take time to complete, because you can end up doing a ton of rote tasks while waiting for realistic progression to happen, which is very draining. Some people may find that engaging but then you've cut out other play styles.

TBH I think Squad should have just stuck with sandbox and added more content rather than try to make a career mode that ended up pleasing no one.

Eh, a lot of cool and interesting things have come from the campaign. And I love RP-0!

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I think the career mode is really interesting and an essential thing in KSP. I don't play Sandbox at all.

It's why Squad took the good decision by letting the player choose between the different playing modes (career, science, sandbox). Because each player has different interests. Some are focused on world-building and search for something close from Minecraft, some others (like me) prefer the simulation aspects (physics, space program management) of the gameplay.

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