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Fwiffo's Ultra Low Part Count Weldments


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Hopper Mk2
A two-Kerbal biome hopper that makes its own fuel

Simplify your logistics!  Go on extended science and exploration missions without the need for pesky refueling detours.  This craft may not look sleek, but that's OK because it's intended for worlds without atmosphere.

On the Mun:




Folded up:



How it's made:


Here's how the craft was originally planned to be balanced around the consumables CoM (note this changed a bit in the Mk 2 design):



Craft files and part files coming soon! for: Hopper-Mk2-Beta1.


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New version: Hopper-Mk4-Beta1

Looks similar to the Mk3, but with a bunch of great tweaks.  A picture and some highlights from the changelog:



  • Rebalanced and rewelded for KSP 1.2.x
  • Moved surface scanner to wing
  • In mass calculations, revert to using Wing Connector C's stock mass of 100kg.  Makes ship heavier considering that part is just supposed to be cosmetic, but is justified since heavy drill is attached to it.  This also follows the design goal of emulating mass and performance characteristics of using all-stock parts.
  • Make use of new experimentId feature to fix IndicatorLights for science experiments
  • Lots of additional indicator lights refinements
  • Fixed crew cabin internals
  • Shuffled around components to better suite my taste


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