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[1.1.3] Kavionics - Save & Load flights! v0.0.1

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Hey there guys! I'm intending to keep this brief and if you prefer visual stuff, there's a handy video that I made just below, in another section. In short, Kavionics will be a totally capable avionics system, particularly focusing on navigation and flight automation. I'm really making this mod so that I can teach myself basic astrodynamics and awesome rocket design. I also feel that KSP could use a mod like this, especially on top of things like RO. So, grab yourself a download and start reporting bugs!



Currently, the mod is only really a system that allows the user to 'record' a flight and then have the exact same flight/ ascent replayed automatically. The idea is that you'd build a launch vehicle, and then launch(or simulate it in RO), however, before you initially stage so that your vehicle takes off, you begin recording. When you're ready, you stop recording. Then, in another flight, hit load and Kavionics will replicate almost exactly what happened on your recorded launch. However, this is just scratching the surface, below is a list of our future confirmed features.

  • Ascent planning system - you can have autopilot get you into orbit. As you can imagine, this is a big task and as such will take a fair amount of time. 
  • Anomaly detection - Detects differences in your recorded flight path and current flight path, and flags up potential issues.
  • More readout information - Add-ons like MJ and Kerbal Engineer do great jobs at this, but it'd be nice if it was included in Kavionics.



There's a huge scope for Kavionics to accomplish so many things. With the help of your great ideas, it could develop into a hugely useful tool for anybody who plays KSP. If you want to suggest a feature, leave a comment below. I promise I will read every comment and respond to as many as possible.



Watch Demo Video Here!

This is just a simple video that I made in order to show the basics of the Kavionics. If you're a content creator, feel free to make a video on the subject and leave a message below if you have any questions!



Github - Download Here
Spacedock - Coming soon :)

Release Notes

  • v0.0.1
    • Record and load your flight profiles, making it easier to repeat launches.
    • Get basic ascent data readouts, such as downrange distance and altitude. 
    • Groundwork for anomaly detection



I'll be the first to admit that there are going to be bugs in most releases. However, by reporting these bugs you're helping immensely! To report a bug, simply leave a comment on this post and let me know the details. However, please do check the known issues section below so that we can avoid reposting.

Known Issues

  • Downrange distance glitches out for the first ~2000m downrange. I believe this to be due to a numbering problem and not an issue with the Math.


Have fun, and please leave some feedback below!

PS: To any devs that might look at the code, it's super messy! I pulled an all-nighter and messed around with a bunch of things. I'll work on cleaning it up and push the updates to the repo tomorrow.

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So, from my understanding, it's somewhat like the Launch Assistance from MechJeb, but it this case you are able to save specific launch profiles to be used for other launches. For instance, one profile is a standard 90 degree gravity turn, however, this would allow me to make that and another profile where I launch into a polar orbit without having to lift a finger. I like the sound of that, great mod! I think this has just become another one of my essential mods! :)

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Hi Noname! Kind of yeah. So the Launch Assistance feature from MechJeb will be something I'll be working on in the next version. I think it's very important. Currently, you 'record' a profile by manually flying one time and then 'loading' that profile when you want to do the same flight again. Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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Hey! Sorry for the reply that took forever. 

@Jahulath - Yeah! Basically. You record a ship's flight and then can replay it. It tries to match the thrust and attitude of your vessel to 1/10th of a second. More improvements will come soon-ish, trying to look at the most efficient and accurate ways to go about this before I make any drastic changes.

@Rath - At the minute you can't, although that wouldn't be too difficult to implement. It's definitely something I'd have a look into if it is a popular enough need. 


General question to everybody: Would you like it if this mod required a part to activate it, or would you just rather have it over in the side bar?


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so hopefully I'm not the only one who thinks this mod is the best idea evar and hopes it's not dead? Just tried it with v1.1.3 for a simple plane flight (throttle up, take off) and it has issues, but nothing I'm going to bother going into if no one's developing this anymore

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3 minutes ago, Enceos said:

@Drew Kerman This mod is useful only for vehicles with constant payload mass between launches. Any other lifter with variable payload mass won't benefit from it. The Gravity Turn mod is much more powerful in this sense.

I saw it as a means to make it easier to play back aircraft flights, not rocket launches. I don't need it for the actual flight itself, but mainly for takeoffs and landings I would like to recreate so I could make videos of

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