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Mock the Acronyms


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KSP tends to collect quite a bit of jargon, and along with it is acronyms! These are always fun to play with. The game is simple; entertain the rest of the forum by giving a weird explanation for a common KSP acronym. Better if you can explain it in the context of the game. Points awarded by likes on the post.

Some examples to start:

  • KSP
  • RCS
  • SAS
  • VAB
  • SPH
  • SOI
  • TWR
  • DV
  • ISP
  • ISRU


And some of my favorites:

RCS - Really Consternating Shuttlecocks: Those... things... they stole from the badminton court look worrying when they're glued to the side of the craft.

ISRU - Icecream Sandwich Repository Unification: Kerbals gotta store the snacks somewhere.

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SPH - Pronounced "SPFFFF": the sound made when a kerbal crashes into the surface of the mun at 50 m/s

DV - Donut Value: Exactly how many donuts your craft is valued at

SAS - Salt and sugar: Rudimentary life support

ISP - Internet Service Provider: Pretty much the pure embodiment of evil

SOI - The way that Dunbop Kerman insists on spelling the work "soy", even though we've told him like a gazillion times that it isn't.

And finally

KSP: Kraken Sacrifice Program

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