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Post Your Mun EVA Pictures and Videos


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So how did everyone\'s first Mun EVA go?

Mine went much worse than could have been anticipated.

With a margine of error taken into account I launched two 'S-Kerpollo-03' Rockets to the Mun with the idea that if one failed I would have another chance.

Little did I know the horror that was right around the corner!

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Before you ask I build rockets and landers the Kerbal way, no reading, trial and mostly error...

Speaking of which I forgot to put any RCS on this and didnt realize until I got to the moon... Landed anyway and still got close to the arch.



Edit: The rocket I used, stock except for damned robotics beams. Its so fragile it cant use sas in the first two stages. Still... it made it.


Edit: On top of an arch.


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After having first launched a few rockets to get a feel for the new parts, performed a rendezvous/crew transfer, tested the Lander\'s re-entry capabilities and designed a lifter able to get it to the Mun, it was time to put the cew in the Indomidable and give Jeb the honors. Bill and Bob follwed soon after and snapped this photo of the landing site.


The site was nothing special, as I didn\'t want to push the limits of my fuel budget to change the Lander\'s equatorial orbit by too much. I aimed for a good view of some mountains on the southern edge of one the large Mares, but it wasn\'t quite as scenic as I\'d hoped. And I\'m okay with that. I\'ll be landing a memorial there to mark the location sometime soon.

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I was able to hit the moon within a few hours of .16 release ... but haven\'t been able to post about it, because the forums haven\'t worked for me for days.

I haven\'t been able to get the three-man capsule working either. I always seem to spin out of control with my designs, or just run out of gas. I\'ll have to play around with the designs a little more.

Here\'s the one man landing on Mun (I think) ... I did a Minimus landing shortly after as well! I also did an in-flight EVA, but I couldn\'t figure out how the jet packs work (if they even do), and my guy floated off into permanent orbit.

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My very first launch went rather well, I got there in a 1 stage rocket that kinda fell over when it landed and almost crushed my kerbals, so here they stand proudly awaiting rescue from a much smarter team. Naturally Jebediah is 'Carrying the team' lol XD

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My first fat rocket did, in fact, went to the mun without any tests, but it was bad on fuel, and crash-landed. The 3 original kerbals were still alive, as seen in the photo below. Note the other part of the lander in the background.

The second mission was with the classic slim rockets, with my old trusted design, so I landed perfectly, and with enough fuel to go home.

I then decided I want to successfully land a fat rocket, so after enough tests, I landed one, though with only a few liters of fuel left, so stranded again.


I have yet to successfully land a tri-kelbal lander and go back home




EDIT: My newest lander *may* be able to get back. I\'m too afraid to try:


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