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So, through the year or so I've been playing KSP, I've thought of quite a few ideas, and I would like to share them.



Kerbal gestures and wandering

First person

Personal parachutes

Walking through a space station using IVA

Other last names or an official explanation on why they are all related.

Diversity in hair colour, skin colour, etc.


Random Things:

Houses in the Grasslands, as the Kerbals reference them living there.

Small towns and villages.

A new version of the cancelled secret story.

Outer planets, not all of them, maybe just Neptune or Saturn.



Kerbal helmet.

Kerbal statue

Spacesuit (no kerbal inside)

50cm plates.

Fuel tank that doubles as a battery and solar panel (for space stations).


Big Stuff:

A boat version of KSP, also set on Kerbin with Kerbals. The "boat hanger" would be on the other side of Kerbin, if you went to the Shores (location of KSC), you would find the space center, but shut down. There would be "boat hangers" on Kerbin, Laythe, and Eve (Possibly unlocks). There would also be a submersible hanger.

A war version of KSP, also set on Kerbin with Kerbals. There would be the "boat hanger" from the previously mentioned idea, and the SPH, but modified for missions on Kerbin, instead of space. Kerbin would be the only planet, but you could still go to space. It would also be multi-player.



If you guys have any other ideas, I would love to hear them.

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I think that Kerman is the title of what we would call an astronaught.  I guess in whatever lingua franca kerbin has titles come after the name.

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