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KAC and Xfer window issues



Having an issue with KAC and transfer windows.

Basically KAC transfer window and node editor for the transfer is not matching up in any way.

i.e. I've noticed when I set an alarm for a Kerbin to another planet and come back to that alarm, say 5 days prior to set-up the launch to orbit, mechjeb or the maneuver node says the window is months or years away. i thought initially I was missing the window, or had the wrong parent body select in KAC, but it's been consistent.

So to try to clarify better:

I set an alarm for Eve.
KAC says x-fer window in 100 days.
I do things...Mun launches, satillites, whatever.
5 days prior I get ready, make or verify my rocket.
Launch pad, Launch guidance, launch at window, 1 year plus wait for window!
Launch now anyways, get into orbit, mechjeb transfer to planet, 1 year plus wait for window! 
Eyeballing the planets and they 'seem' about right.
X-fer now results in reasonable D-V, it seems anyways.
I hit recalculate on KAC and it shows 1 year plus...

It seems the launch window is drifting on long wait times for windows? I don't remember this being an issue in the past.
I have a lot of mods, but I don't think any would affect this except Kopernicus?



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What are you using to set the alarms? TWP?  If your using Transfer Window Planner to find the window and MJ to make the nodes, this might be part of the problem.  I've never seen these agree with each other.  One other thing is that MJ's deltaV requirements are much different than what TWP gives you, so you will probably not be able to make journey on a ship built from TWP numbers with MJ nodes.

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Making the journey is no problem, my craft seems fine.

I am using KAC to set the alarms, click on the x-few window button, select Sun as parent, Kerbin as the body, set alarms for all.

I then notice that when I launch, either manually or using MJ, or when setting up the x-fer in orbit using MJ, the transfer node window is months or years out depending on the body I am going to, seems like I missed the window.

I noticed recently that after a while KAC just drifts. 
i.e. I set up x-fer window alarms using the method above. I run a few local contracts, tourists to Mun and stuff. After a month or so I went and set up another batch of alarms, they were all off by a little over a day or so.
So maybe KAC isn't good at forecasting x-fer windows more than a month or so out?

I don't remember this being the case in the past, but again it's been a while and i just got back into KSP.


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