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Am in an RPG mood so tried out "Tides of Numenera" - whilst it is obviously built with love, but OMG so much text! It is very story-rich but the "RPG" side of the game seems like window dressing on an interactive novel.

"Tyranny" is a a more traditional RPG and the plot is interesting - the bad guy has already won, the realm belongs to Kyros and you are one of his minions. Good so far.


In bigger news I am currently curating my mod install, building it up with an eye to getting into a really good multi-month KSP binge. 

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I just plugged my Wii back in after 6 years and it works just as good as when I was 10. I'm having a blast playing 'Go Vacation' again. 

Other than that I play a variety of shooters depending on my mood or if my friends are on and sometimes me and my mates have big ass Hoi4 games too. 

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Here's the big list of everything I've enjoyed since last time I posted here.

The Darkside Detective (Clever, but short)

Factorio (Close to perfect)

Gorogoa (Very clever, but short)

Hacknet (Got it for free, thinking of picking of the expansion)

A Hat in Time (Like 3d platformers? You'll like this)

Heat Signature (One of the first rougelikes I've been happy to play as intended)

INFRA (Think all the best problem solving of Half-Life, but better, longer, connected, and 20 hours to play through without getting any of the secrets.)

Opus Magnum (If you've been put off by difficulty and puzzle-vs-problem-solving-ness in zachtronics games before, this one essentially lets you play with infinite space and money, the real fun is in going back and making them faster)

Portal Stories: Mel (High quality, challenging mod for Portal 2. I haven't managed to finish it yet)

From Earth (Very clever mechanics, and free. I'm stuck right now)

Spec Ops: The Line (Also picked this one up for free. I don't really know what to say about it)

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Replayed one of my all time favs: Thief 2 The Metal Age. A containerload of thanks to the makers of tafferpatcher for letting me replay it on this computer.


Also played through one hugely entertaining game: Commandos 2 Men Of Courage. Sadly the series went to hell after that but I am happy we got Commandos 1, 1b and 2.

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Trackmania Nations Forever- good fun on a private server, with mates the fun never ends. Good Single Player mode as well.

Plague Inc. Evolved- DIE HUMAN SCUM!

F1 2017- I am obsessed with racing games. This and Trackmania provide most of my current racing fix. The content is ridiculous- 20 hours spent on classic cars and messing around only!

FNAF- yes, yes, it's toxic. Whatever. I have recently discovered it after watching YouTube, and find it's brand of simple, suspense horror quite awesome.

KSP is slowly becoming my main game since I purchased it in February 2017, with 383 hours.


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i recently completed Dead Island Definitive Edition. i played it years ago on ps3 but wanted to take it for another spin as it was remastered and updated. its still one of the best zombie games there is.

im also taking Saints Row 3 for another spin as its another game i havent played in years that looks 10x better on pc and playing in 4k

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