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10 hours ago, Samszee said:

looking to try dwarf fortress as it seems popular on this forum but the game is hardly a pick up and play from the 5 minutes so far. Recently have just been playing so so much DnD. Or group has upped it to 3 sessions a week (all different campaigns) and I have spent weeks creating a few characters and writing excessively long backstories, just really enjoying the freedom DnD offers. 

If you are into the fantasy thing and like creating content check out https://wesnoth.org/  (I wish I had a DnD group tho, I used to make tons of characters back in the day just to draw them)

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Returned to X:Tension (the 2nd in the X series from Egosoft) after finding it dirt cheap on Steam. It doesn't run all issue free on a Win 10 PC but it runs and it doesn't crash, that's the main thing.

Then, I have no idea what I was thinking, I returned to the online riddle game Notpron. 10 years since last time and again I find myself bashing my head against walls in frustration.

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I tossed most of my other games to the side, including KSP, and reinstalled Skyrim with Frostfall and some other "realism" mods the other night, really enjoying the open world again. I've played a bit of Jalopy in there and am seriously looking forward to My Summer Car, but I've lost all faith in everything else.


I've also finally bootstrapped a Java 2D setup for the second time in my life (lost the first round in a hard drive crash somewhere, simple Tetris clone), which is nicely sucking up my project time at work. Not sure what kind of game to make but I'm leaning towards a roguelike of some kind.

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I just started playing Empyrion: Galactic Empire again after a year and the progress they have made is so impressive. The game is still early access and in an alpha state but I may have to take a break from ksp to explore the planets that the game offers.  

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starbound, factorio, celestial command, mini metro & plague inc: evolved



edit: because smiled wich is pretty rare ^^

On 31/10/2016 at 10:48 PM, XB-70A said:

Sometimes images are better than words :


:3 only one game got a launch shortcut on my own desktop: KSP, and 4 others game don't get some launch shortcut but some folder access for eventually messing with a few local files like save or else.

so the sole game i could click anytime and launch from the desktop is .... well ... anytime, whenever ever anytime, whenever when any ever is time to when is ... i think you get it ^^ it amused me so wanted to share that ; ) is fun how we all manage/sort/use desktop and all ; )

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13 hours ago, WinkAllKerb'' said:

i think you get it ^^ it amused me so wanted to share that ; ) is fun how we all manage/sort/use desktop and all ; )

I like to study it too. Years before I always placed my shortcuts in a unique folder were other folders (of the developers or publishers) contained again the folders of the games etc... just to keep the desktop perfectly clean and methodical, then one day I started to flip to the dark side. Anyway the strategy and tactical games are together, then the FPS are classed by saga and History (like a continuity). Just KSP and Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich are alone, the first cause I got no others kind of game like it and the second for its absolute stupidity but fun (...) :confused:

On the other hand I hate to look at disorganized desktops, with programs and document everywhere. Looking just like the room of a teen with rotting old sockets under the bed, pizza and/or chips between through the keyboard and much more worse in the trash can :sealed:

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my desktop used to look exactly like yours back in the win 95 98 days with a mix of various files format editor, parser, converter and games ^^

Now close to empty because i like a lot the current background image kinda like a painting on the wall and avoid overlaping lot of shortcut
(wow ... desktop img path is now transcoded in hexa ... serioulsy ?)


To extract the path of the image from the TranscodedImageCache value, you need to run this script:

Const HKCU = &H80000001 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER

sComputer = "."   

Set oReg=GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" _
            & sComputer & "\root\default:StdRegProv")

sKeyPath = "Control Panel\Desktop\"
sValueName = "TranscodedImageCache"
oReg.GetBinaryValue HKCU, sKeyPath, sValueName, sValue

sContents = ""

For i = 24 To UBound(sValue)
  vByte = sValue(i)
  If vByte <> 0 And vByte <> "" Then
    sContents = sContents & Chr(vByte)
  End If

CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run "explorer.exe /select,""" & sContents & """"

You can paste this text into Notepad and then save it as a VBS file.


source(s): UTF-8#q=windows%2010%20image%20background%20path

wut the wut of the wut of the wut ? microhardSoftnot ? wut just wut

right properties, path ? why just why ("" i have a rough idea, but still srly ?) ....oh my .... random collector find ...


oki let's play share your windows 10 desktop background image with family and friend if you don't know a single line of code and registry hkey ... impressive ... lolok next ... this one just made my day

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lite slide side of topics because, well ... ... ...
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I would have liked to be playing Civ6, but since I try to cut down on my gaming expenses, and because I had no luck with any of the raffles/lotteries, and because none of my regular streamers seemed to have any spare keys for give away events, I just started playing Civ5 again - lost already several hours of sleep, still good stuff!

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I succumbed to the hype and bought Civilization VI. I've only logged about 21 hours on it (I got it a couple of days after release or something), and it's alright. It's certainly not the best, and is missing a lot of things (Good diplomacy, anyone?), but with some time it's going to be a solid entry into the series IMO.

I've been continuing the Great Europa Universalis IV binge (After toning down a while ago) given the release of the Rights of Man expansion. Honestly the best expansion for the game; £15 well spent! However, today my decent colonial Spain playthrough was soullessly crushed by a coalition with HRE minors and France. Oh, and the Ottomans declaring war on me over Corfu. So I maybe possibly ragequit as soon as that happened, and now I'm just holding tight until the winter sale, and to a lesser extent the Black Friday sale.

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On PC, Children of a Dead Earth. It's a great game with some real rabbit holes of complexity. It's not really "Kerbal with guns" like I had expected though - the discrete mission structure and lack of hands-on control gives it a rather different feel. Today I designed a custom railgun, firing a 2.5 gram round at 7.5 km/s (which is faster than any of the stock guns), and tested it out on some drones. Bit of mixed results, the high speed gives it awesome range and sometimes it does great, but other times it seems like the small rounds just pepper the target with holes and don't do much real damage. And the gun is unturreted, because turrets are heavy, but that's making the drones use a lot of rocket fuel to aim. I'm considering switching to a fixed main engine and vernier engines for turning.

On 3DS, Pokemon Conquest. Last time I played it I didn't get very far, but I restarted the game and have got more into it. Got some pretty good warriors and Pokemon, and managed to get the hero and Oichi both linked to Rufflets which I'll need to take on the ghost kingdom.

Finished a few weeks ago on 3DS, Dragon Quest VI - Realms of Reverie or whatever it's called. Can't go far wrong with a good classic JRPG really, though I do feel it's the weakest of the Zenithia Trilogy.

On Android (and on PC sometimes), chess puzzles on Lichess when I have a spare few minutes. I'm distinctly average at them. I often just guess on intuition instead of properly calculated, and I'm prone to overlooking discovered attacks for both sides.

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On 11/5/2016 at 5:18 PM, cantab said:

On Android (and on PC sometimes), chess puzzles on Lichess when I have a spare few minutes. I'm distinctly average at them. I often just guess on intuition instead of properly calculated, and I'm prone to overlooking discovered attacks for both sides.

I've started playing a new Android game in the last week myself: The 2016 Vendee Globe race in Virtual Regatta (don't laugh). It is a virtual race in parallel with the current running of the Vendee Globe around the world solo sailing race. It is kind of neat if you like simulation games. Hundreds of thousands of players are all racing virtual sailboats around the world in real time and using real world weather data. It will take until March or so for most people to finish. A lot of the minutiae of sailing the boat is automated so the game is more about weather routing but that makes it a game you can pick up once or twice a day and still be in it.

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I'm terrible at completing games so I currently have Dishonored, Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 on the go in between playing Kerbal and Worms World Party on my dreamcast (as you probably guessed...)




On 29/10/2016 at 2:43 PM, pandoras kitten said:

I was playing From the Depths for some time and enjoyed making ridiculous rewrites of history like this:


That's great! I've played about 3h of From the Depths but never got as far as making anything that big, airborne or... functional :D. I get phases of trying to figure it out (usually after a re-stumble across the steam launch trailer)

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