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Mini Announcement

I'm on vacation for another 2 weeks, I wont be able to get round to adding people to the whitelist as quickly as usual until I get home
please ask either: @Kepler68 /
@RA3236 / @Shania_L / @ZooNamedGames (for a quicker response)to add you to the whitelist

=> Please remember to tell us your minecraft name
=> Forge + Installation Instructions are provided in our discord
=> Currently on Minecraft 1.11.2 until either forge 1.12 becomes more stable or minecraft fixes a small client sync bug

=> Tell your friends, everyone is welcome :)


Server mods:
|| https://goo.gl/g6wcF8  {Sparky's}  ||

|| https://goo.gl/yPCLHO  {Kepler68}||
|| https://www.dropbox.com/sh/txzrsdd3ine6vzo/AACXkp6ehZWwXwXGpx_Qs88Ma?dl=0 {Modpack}||


||      https://discord.gg/yHFS5D      ||
||      https://discord.gg/fnmsAmt    ||
||      https://discord.gg/qkmkTAE   ||


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for those not on the discord (WHY ARENT YOU) 
i have the server modpack ready and up for testing in there. ill grab a link in a sec
it is NOT on the server yet :)

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I've updated the mini announcement with the modpack needed and a 3rd link to the discord. We had a problem on discord and a few people were lost, but please feel free to rejoin

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