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This would probably work best if integrated as part of a 'test/simulation flight' feature, but...

Many of the tweakable and advanced tweakable functions could be seen as brilliant for the design stage, but not really appropriate for in flight adjustments.

As an example - 'Rigid Joints' would be something that is done during construction and not easily done out in the wild, so being able to just switch them on and off at will feels a bit wrong.  Another example could be suspension or wheels where a 'design decision' would determine their settings, so changing them afterwards may require an engineer with the right tools etc.

So what if a 'test flight' mode enabled these to be adjusted and played with as desired.  Then, when happy, a 'save settings' button is clicked which then applies these to the craft save file as if they were done in the VAB/SPH.  But in 'normal' flights these advanced tweak able options are either not shown or locked so that they can be viewed, but not adjusted. 

This would add extra importance to checking your design and settings before sending your ships out into void.

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