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[SSTO CARRIER] SuperCruiser

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I basically have always wanted a cruiser capable of ferrying ships from one planet to another, or defend from invasions.

Thus I finally managed to get the handle of it with a few mods, and created a carrier with maximum efficiency for fuel/payload.

(Can now ferry vessels from one planet to the next without any restraints on payload or fuel with a independent refueling process).



Crew Count: 5 Crew total

Engine Count: 2 Large Efficient OPT Mod Dark Matter Engines (1:1 O2/LF for 1500 thrust each).

Docking Ports: Contains 8 docking ports of medium size located on top/bottom of the hull.

Power Generation: 48 Radioisotopic Heat Generators (R.T.G)'s + Fuel Cells for LF -> Energy.

R.C.S Information: Around 50 RCS Ports for horizontal and Vertical movement (100% efficient).

Internal Storages: Can store a lot of equipment within the hull. (not bay's, but hollow fuel tanks).

Additional Equipment: Contains two large convertors for turning ore into resources + Extra fuel.


Additional Information:

*It can be used to ferry ships from planet to planet, and use them to bring ore back to make more fuel*

*Capable of traveling the entire solar system and back to kerbin without any fuel exhaustion**

*Has been tested to fly with three of my aircraft, a fourth can be attached but isn't required*

*Think of it as a moving space station with two overpowered engines and ability to carry crafts*








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Yes, would you mind taking some screenshots with the Sun shining on it? I've seen troublesome nighttime shots plenty of times, but these are all but completely black.

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