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I am trying to update my 1.0.4 to 1.1.3, on a Mac, and it is not going well. When I unzip the 1.1.3 archive into my applications folder, it creates a KSP osx_2 folder inserted of updating the KSP osx folder with it's Saves and mods history. If I unzip it into the KSP osx folder, it creates another KSP osx folder nested within it. I'm afraid that if I start individually replacing folders and files, I'll mess it up badly.

I guess what I am looking for is a patcher, not a new install, but I didn't see a patcher available, except for Windows.

What is the upgrade procedure?


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I think (assuming it is a similar procedure to windows) you should copy the saves that you want to carry over from the 1.0.4 version and then past them in the saves section of the 1.1.3 install. You will have to re- download all of your mods as they will have been updated since 1.0.4. If I remember correctly thee patcher is currently broken. 

Also 1.2.0 may be out soon so it might be worth waiting a few days until 1.2.0 is out to update. 

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I could be wrong in this, but new versions of KSP aren't update patches, but full versions of the game that have been updated.  I'm not a Mac user, but the procedure is normally just copying your old save files into the new save folder.  Be aware that changes from 1.0.4 to 1.1.3 might break your saves.  This goes the same for any mods you may have - they will need to be updated to versions compatible with 1.1.3.

Best bet, IMO, is to leave your 1.0.4 copy as it is, and just have a second install of 1.1.3.  There's no DRM on KSP preventing you from having multiple copies, either of the same version or different versions.  That way, you could continue your original 1.0.4 game, and also start and play another game on 1.1.3.  I have about 8 different installs of KSP on my comp over four versions - two installs for each version, one modded and one stock.

I understand it's a pain to have to start over again with each new version that comes out, but in some ways, it's good as well, since you will have learned by making mistakes with the earlier version, and can now apply what you've learned in the new version.  

Last thing I would recommend is to wait until 1.2 gets an official release (it's in open beta right now).  It fixes a lot of issues with 1.1.x, such as exploding landing legs, wheels that don't work, and other issues.  Shouldn't be too much longer before it's out.

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