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I got a contract to build a station around Gilly, so I made one. All components were lofted to orbit via SSTO spaceplane and assembled there. After that, I raised the orbit to around 550k, where I refueled and sent it on its way. The craft was not suited for aerocapture, so I braked the conventional way. I dropped a probe on the shallows of Eve, then parked into Gilly orbit. 

The only major issue I had was that the heaviest spaceplane I built -- to loft the booster and refueling modules -- flips out of control on re-entry, even though CoM is well ahead of CoL empty (and with all remaining fuel pumped to the forward tanks). I was able to regain control at very low altitude and wrestle it to a near-intact splashdown, but something's clearly not right with it... or, perhaps, 1.2-pre aero.

Got nearly a million funds as completion reward, and will max out my tech tree what with all the science the lab is churning out.







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