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Kerbin City Restored (patch for 1.8.x - 1.1.x)

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Patch for Kerbin City restoring - in 11th post below.

(The initial wrong attempt is hidden in the spoiler)



Kerbin City back again.

Less memory using. Fast texturing. The same.



What was done:
1) renewed of CFG-files
2a) converting all textures in fast DDS format
2b) checking and removing unused part of them
3) added logotypes (previews) of KerbinCity's launch points for Kerbal Konstructs Launchsite Selector.

After all Kerbin City now have size 7.7 Mb in archive (32.9 Mb in GameData), but it is same old good City, build2 from Nothke and community. Two launch/spawn point (from KC INTL runway and KC Eastern highway) also remained at same places and working good. In KK's Launchsite Selector it's now have a Logos:

NfdCsOl.png    aZ69Psn.png

Download Kerbin City Restored:  <Download link removed by moderator>

For using of Kerbin City in KSP, of course, you need to install KerbalKonstructs: https://github.com/ozraven/Kerbal-Konstructs_DEV/releases/download/ (this version for 1.1.3).

Kerbin City Restored was finfshed and checked with KK version in KSP 1.1.2. Later is also checked and using now with a version in KSP 1.1.3. Working in 1.2-pre not checked yet, due to absence of KSP 1.2 on my PC.

If You haven't use a Kerbin City before, I recommend to walk across the private secor near of port (C4 plot) of KC Eastern - you found there many interesting places (with easter eggs). :)

Old Kerbin City Release thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/43962-kerbin-city-build-2-now-out/&page=1
Old development thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/43000-kerbin-city-community-project-phase-b-new-islands/

Sadly, but main Kerbin City threads already closed, so I desided to open this new. I purpose, many KSP funs wanted to continue using this excellent work from Nothke and Kerbin City community. I also hope to anybody who take a continue of this still unfinished work.

 ----- ===   Where is   === -----

nothke said:


Easiest way to visually find Kerbin City from KSC, is to just follow the coast to the south, it is 111km away from KSC, located in a big bay.

To land at the airport runway 30 (the most common one), start from KSC and follow 230 heading. When in range of airport you should spot a small green island in the bay in front of you, begin a descend and when you reach it start the turn to heading 300 and you should be alligned with the runway almost perfectly and prepare to land. =)

OR you can spawn in Kerbin City or the airport


License: All rights is remained to Nothke and Community of Kerbin City builders.
Also Readme from Nothke with his license included into download.

Disclaimer: I am haven't a 3d-modelling stuff, so i just a restore of Kerbin City for KSP 1.1. You can to use it at same way as old Kerbin City from Nothke and Community. Unfortunately, I haven't enouch free time for full feedback, and I hope to any help in that from other members of KSP-forum.

So, welcome back to Kerbin City. :)


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Tried this, and somehow it disabled all of Kerbal Konstructs. The button on the toolbar was still there, but it didn't bring up base boss (or do anything when I pressed it), I couldn't see the bases in the tracking station, and I couldn't see any of the Kerbin Side buildings around the KSC.

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Anyone can explain me, may I upload the mod for compatibility with new KSP versions, if referring to the developers and leave it all right? I do not use it for commercial purposes.

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sorry, low english level
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Download link removed.

The original mod is All Rights Reserved.  That means you can't adapt, repackage, or distribute it, which is what you're doing here.  Accordingly, the download link has been removed, unless you can demonstrate that the original author has given you explicit permission to do these things.

I can see that you mean well and are trying to "do the right thing"-- after all, you give credit to the author, and you link to the original, and you include a statement about the original's "all rights reserved" license.  Unfortunately, that's not enough; that licenses means you're not allowed to do what you're doing.

Software licenses are what makes modding possible.  Please be careful about them, and don't redistribute or repackage someone's mod unless you're sure you understand the implications of the license, and have verified that what you're doing is permitted by that license.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Patch for KerbinCity restoring.

For restoring of Kerbin City for your KSP 1.2.2 "as before" with all functionality and new logos you need:

1. Download of the Kerbin City Build2 zip from:

2. Install the KerbinCity folder from zip to your GameData as other mods, and be sure about having here the recent KerbalKonstructs version.

3. Patch KerbinCity folder with this patch (with replacing files):





Luck in flight. :)

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6 hours ago, TheFoxbatGuy said:

Where is the City located?? Can´t find it!;.;

Please find 'Where is" in OP spoiler :wink:

I hope, you have latest Kerbal Konstruct installed.

Also, new vesions of KSC++ have simply road (Ghost road) from KSC to Kerbin City - ~112 km.

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On 1/18/2019 at 2:04 AM, IMLL1 said:

Do I still need KerbTown for this for the patch to work?

Of course, no. KerbTown is useless many years.

Kerbin City is just a static object's kit, like KSC++, Kerbin Side, Kosmodrome etc. Need only Kerbal Konstruct (common for any static kit), as pointed in #2 of instruction.

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