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Loving the 1.2 preview

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So I started a new career with the 1.2 preview normal difficulty totally stock.  I have acutally found it quite easy (payouts seem higher).  As typical launch 1 was suborbital, launch 2 achieved orbit but the magic happened with launch 3.

Typically with my 3rd launch of a new career I don't have guidance yet as I typically can't afford the update for it so I achieve orbit, point for he mun and do a 860m/s burn and figure it a flyby and return when I get out there.

This time however with the higher payouts I could afford the guidance system so I thought I would put the game through its paces.

so I preplanned 5 separate burns.  

1. Was my traditional burn to the mun for flyby.  About 860 delta v. 7km passing distance.

2. After just passing the Mun I did a course correction of 130 delta v to send me towards Minmas.

3. Mid course correction of 12 delta v to get my vertical approach to Minmas set (5km passing distance).

4. A 330 delta V burn after just passing Minmas to again pass it (polar route 5km passing distance).

5. Which shot me back to Kerbin which I hooked around to again intersect the Mun (7km flyby polar route).  I did a 97 delta V burn at this point to lower my kerbal perapsis to 55k.

6. 7 orbits slowly and safely degrading my apoasis reeled me into a nice easy kerbal landing.

I managed this without solar panels, on the small sized rockets and boosters and 30 parts over 45 days.


I think the tweaks to the planning software are awesome for multiple burns (no twitchy lines that through out calculated burns 40 days later).  I knew I had 1,445 Delta V (thank-you excel math) and I knew the plan took 1,429.  Before I left Kerbin I knew how much the entire burn would be and that I could pass the Mun twice, Minmas twice and do a high pass on Kerbin to boot.

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