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:rep: The KSP Fuel Calculator is a tiny tool to improve modders workflow. You can enter a fuel amount (lq. fuel or oxidizer) and the program calculates the missing propellant amount. You easily can do this by yourself with a calculator but this saves you some time if you are working on multiple fuel tanks or often have to chance it's values. The statistics may help you to not having to chance values for ballancing purposes too often. It currently just displays some vital informations about fuel cost and weight.

This tool isn't in active development any more! But please feel free to share ideas, I might have some time for it.

JqF5FF7.png?1CCi3uhW.png?1 (watch out, outdated photos!)

:prograde: Download: Alpha 0.3.1 (MEGA)
:prograde: Download: Alpha 0.3.1 (SpaceDock)
:prograde: Installation: Simply unzip the content of the downloaded file and place it where you need it. Create a shortcut if you want (.exe file for Windows, .jar file for Mac and Linux)

:retrograde: Source code: Alpha 0.3.1 (GitHub)


:maneuver: Version history:



  • initial release (screenshots)


  • fixed bug that program crashes when number fields are empty ("")
  • added ENTER to quickly do calculation


  • now only numbers (no letters) can get inserted


  • added experimental dropdown-list to choose different resources from
  • button no longer reacts if number fields are empty ("0")
  • tiny bug-fixes and code re-structoring


:normal: Known issues:

  1. currently no decimals can be inserted   ->   working on that!
  2. program doesn't react when "Lf + Ox" is chosen after startup   ->   just select another entry and then "Lf + Ox" again
  3. calculating Xeon gas and electric charge currently doesn't work yet


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Software engineer here.

1 - What is JObj?  I see that you've included it in the lib directory, but I'm unfamiliar with it.  Are you wrapping Swing containers?

2 - Please look into Maven or some other build manager.  It'll make life easier.

3 - Tests.

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