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[Solved] Help needed locating mod

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I recently came across a mod thread, detailing a new, more realistic system for leveling Kerbals up.

It involved assigning relevant training missions to crew, a series of training flights for pilots, performing science experiments for scientists, and so on. This enabled you to get Kerbals advanced several levels before going off-planet.

But now, I can't recall the name, and despite searches and prowling through hundreds of threads in likely sections of the forums, I can't find it. Does anyone know the mod I'm looking for?

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1 hour ago, genericeventhandler said:




Sorry, but nope.. I did come across both of those, but they're not it. The one I saw actually had contracts as part of the mod.



1 hour ago, DrLicor said:

Or maybe this one?

Note: 'It's not only a contract pack, mod is included'

YES! That's the one! Thank you so much!

Now I just have to hope it gets updated for 1.2 soon

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