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Lost career, can i get it back?

Nickel AP


While landing on the Mun yesterday I landed and fell sideways, fine. While trying to take off and get off the mun, I crashed (expected). I reloaded my save (while on eva), I tried to re board my ship and the game crashed and gave an error file. Reloaded KSP and loaded save. Boarded and crashed my ship again. Hit f9 to load last quick save which was OLD. So I went into my save files under my career, found the most recent one and renamed it. closed and reopened ksp. clicked resume saved and got a "conflicting data for one of the save files" message which gave me the option to delete. I assumed (wrongly?) that I would have the option of which save to delete but when my saves popped up my career (the one I was flying in previous mentioned mun landing) was gone. I went to my KSP folder, to saves, and career name was gone completely. Is there any way to get it back? Was this a bug? When I clicked delete after the conflicting data message did it automatically delete it or was my career gone before that even happened?

TLDR: After a game crash and loading the wrong save I may have unknowingly deleted my career save when prompted to delete a conflicting save after rebooting KSP. Why did it disappear? and is there a way to get it back?

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