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boeing 757-200 need help with textures

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On 13/10/2016 at 10:37 PM, callumrooney98 said:


The model is made in blender and im very new to modding,

looking for help with textures 

This is a cool model are you sure you have not modeled before?

I am average at modelling and texturing so why not make your own model of airliner and get this thing released. 

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On 6/7/2017 at 8:30 PM, Kartoffelkuchen said:

You think you will eventually release those as a playable mod?

Thats the plan, but i dont have the knowledge to texture or animate moving parts

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi couple of tips regarding turning your pretty models into game parts . For imo the best results the aircraft need to be split into parts. The simplest split for a jet  liner would be , cockpit, hull, wing L, horiz tail L vertical tail . You may notice I don't say wings, this is because you have a choice here, you can either make the wings symmetrical that is the only way the mirroring works, or as I do make two wings, a left and a right , the down side to having two wings that cant be symmetrically mounted is that to ensure perfect alignment they need to be node attached rather than surface attached as in a mirrored symmetrical wing.    Obviously the split will be different for craft with different shapes and forms , such as traditionally mounted single engines, which too would need to be split into a separate part.

Others will offer advice about making it stockalike and lego build meaning split into dozens of pointless parts when1 does the job just as well, I'll leave that to you and your aesthetic.

If you decide to make a go of it and run into trouble drop me a pm and I'll get you sorted without waiting a week for a forum reply :)

Cheers and good luck

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