Jupiter System Release

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The planetary system "Jupiter System" has released.

Download at System.rar?dl=0

Jupiter System is a system of planets one part really another part invented. It contains 16 bodies (Jupiter,Julio,Juno,Arion,Titania,Arcticus,Vulcanicus,Huge Asteroid,Callisto,Ganymede,Europa,Io,Erin,Amalthea,Metis,Adrastea)

Module Manager 2.7.1 and Kopernicus 1.3.3 are included.


Jupiter Info


Escape Velocity 61000 m/s

Radius 70000 km

Atmosphere height 800 km

SOI 20000000 km


Isn't known with what versions of KSP is compatibile. Just install and see if it works

Please report bugs in comments


All Rights Reseved

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Hi, couple of things that stick out without actually installing the mod:

You're bundling an outdated version of ModuleManager, also mediafire links are discouraged on the forums.  I can't speak as to the version of Kopernicus that's included as I don't have the current version here to compare.


At a guess, it appears the mod is compatible with 1.1.3, but not 1.2.

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