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Kerbals 4 EVA

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New kerbonaut from Finland here! I finally decided to buy this masterpiece from the 1.2 sale, wife keeps telling me I look like a kerbal so I figured I kinda had to :D

I play the game on KB/M and Xbox controller and while trying to setup the controller I noticed that I can't use the controller to control kerbals while EVA. I'm not sure if this is intended or if my stupidity is too high to understand the configurations. Well long story short, I made an Autohotkey script thingamajig that turns all the required controller analog input into digital keyboard/whatever input. This atleast allows me to use sticks and triggers properly and configure actions on DPAD. Pretty much everything the script does can be configured easily in the INI file, you can bind keys and toggle features on/off. Feel free to use, modify and redistribute any way you want to, no credits needed. I know many of you probably use flightsticks, rudders and life-size shuttle cockpits :lol: but maybe few of you find this useful. I included an AHK joy test script so you can probably easily modify this to work with any controller.

                                 Kerbals 4 EVA

  •     Assign keys to Xbox controller's sticks, triggers and DPAD.
  •     Audio cue when toggled on/off with immersive kerbal sounds.
  •     Easy configuration with a simple INI file.
  •     No 3rd party software needed, just an easy extract.
  •     Includes the original, well commented Autohotkey script for modification.


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