[1.3.1] kOS Addon: kOS-SCANsat (16.02.2018)

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kOS-SCANsat is an Addon to kOS kill Kerbals in new and exciting ways.

It allows you to use the inaccurate data provided by a low resolution scanner to be used for mission planning**.

It is designed to provide a "realistic" way to plan your missions and forces*** you to scan your landing side before you send a lander. 


  • Low and High resolution altimeter scans
  • Biome scans
  • Resource scans
  • slope data (and highly inaccurate slope data for low resolution scans)
  • KerbNet Scanning of the current vessel. (only for biome and altimeter)


** you should bring a KerbNet compatible scanner with you, so you can prevent the worst.

*** actually it doesn't remove the magical geoposition:terrainhight suffix, but using that is now considered cheating :wink:


  • KSP 1.3.1
  • kOS 
  • SCANsat

Full Documentation:

Documentation of the API


Get the latest release here


Source code is here

Edited by Ger_space
updated for latest release
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