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how did you find out about ksp??


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Long, long ago (specifically on August 9th 2011), an LPer called Maxwell Adams posted a video showcasing Kerbal Space Program 0.8.4.  I found this video some time in late October of the same year, and was fascinated.  I went to download the game right away, and the rest is history (5 years in the making now!).

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I just built my first game pc and was scrolling through "best games from year 201X"-lists and found KSP in two of these lists.( Initially I was looking for a gpu heavy game to see what my game machine was capable of...)

The reviews intrigued me and i downloaded the game.

After several futile launch attempts i discarded the game because i didn't know what to do. The lack of a proper tutorial was killing (0.90)!

One month later i again stumbled upon an epic review about the game. The author wrote about his first landing on the mun and explained it was one of the most satisfying experiences he'd ever had. 

After reading I vowed I would try the game again and wouldn't stop until I landed a vessel on the Mun! 

A week later I landed on the Mun and after that I was hooked... 

and here we are 3k hours of gameplay later.

I must admit I haven't played the game for half a year (because of xcom 2 and witcher 3), but the kerbal itch is ever present and growing as I type this message.

Sorry for the long post :)

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Strange finding.

I first "heard" of it on Steam, whilst waiting for the release of No Man's Sky - so I was in for space exploration game mode. But, I looked at it, and gave it a brief read and judged it to be a silly, cartoony game that seemed to have no depth. Yet Another Colony game that would be better suited to a tablet. Yes, I know, I completely prejudged based on some aesthetics and not really reading about the game.

It would pop up here and there in my feeds (should have been a clue that I would want the game - since it was using my past purchases to show me I might like KSP); so I remembered the name.

But then, I was reading something, I think, in Reddit regarding Farming Simulator, and the guy said something like "While I like physics games, like such and such, such and such and Kerbal Space Program...". Whoah, what? KSP is a physics simulator?

So, I looked it up. I reread the description - and thought, this can't be right - I already judged this game. They must mean physics estimates; I'm sure this game is dumbed down for the masses. So, I seeked out YouTube Let's plays; I found quill18 as he was running 1.2 pre update (so very recent video, I wanted to see the latest version)

Before the video was over, I was purchasing on Steam - and as luck would have it, it was on sale. I like it so much, I might just buy another copy straight from the Kerbal store just as an extra thanks.

I remember my initial searches for it was yielding:

10/10 Steam

96% PC Gamer

88% Metacritic

9/10 IGN


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my family was on vacation(sort of) in 2013 and while browsing youtube Scott Manley's video about what it'd take to deorbit planets in ksp popped up.

for years before id be deprived of any sort of space game (didn't even know about Orbiter), and when I saw that video I knew I wanted that game.

my first rocket was a 2d pyrimad shaped rocket that slowly got wider as I first reached space, then orbit, then the mun, the mun orbit, then several mun crashes as I never thought to stop my sideways speed and came flying in over the surface with my pe just within the mun, fun times..

I bought the game like two days later, 1 day before .18.4 came out, next day joined the forum, expecting it to be like the Minecraft forum (minecraft was my thing before ksp) and was completely blown away by how civilized the entire forum was, I like to think the game and the forum made me the way I am today, from "Hurr Hurr Herro brine!" to "No, physics doesn't work like in Star Wars, dad, you cant blow up a planet that easily! the Death Star would probably crumple under its own gravity!" (true story) :)

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As a space-enthousiast, I watched some videos of SpaceX on youtube and their ideas about launching and landing rockets. It was back in july 2012. After seeing those videos I was wondering if there was a game where you could build a sattelite or lander and a rocket to launch it , and maybe land it. Then I found KSP 0.16 :confused:. As a pirate I was in that days I downloaded a torent to check it out :wink:.

I remember the first rocket I built was a rocket with a Munlander, wobbly-launching it, land it on the Mun, and flew back and splash back down on Kerbin, an unbelieveable first experience with the game!!!!!!!!

I knew I was addicted to the game instantly. following the games development and mod-development, I bought it when 0.19 was released. Now 4 years later it is the most played game I ever bought.


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I forget *exactly* how I found this, but I have a pretty good outline/narrow field of options.

I remember that I had heard of Orbiter, and wanted orbiter, but could not get it because I was on a Mac at the time. I think I had watched some youtube videos of Orbiter, but hadn't found KSP.

At some point, maybe or maybe not connected to viewing orbiter videos (or maybe orbiter viewing came later), I watched Scott Manley's "Take on Mars" video where he tried to do a manual landing of one of these mars probes. In the sidebar... or maybe autoplay at the end, I saw some video of him(?) building some plane on some weird game... and it flew pretty badly because it was slapped together parts, it was some version like .18/before the art overhauls/integration of Porkjet's SPP. I wasn't super impressed. In that video, it seemed to just be building planes... I didn't see any space stuff in it, at least not the part I watched... but that was my first time seeing gameplay video of KSP. I didn't follow up immediately... I don't remember how long it was before I went and looked at KSP again... I think I had actually been reading something about orbiter and saw some comparisons to KSP. Eventually I figured if I couldn't install orbiter, I'd give the KSP demo a try even though I read it was cartoonish and vaguely remembered that ugly looking crudely built poorly balanced spaceplane that had a tendency to flip.

Playing the actual demo, which "exclusively" rockets with the SPH disabled and no parts intended for planes.... completely changed my mind.

Oddly enough... I came to love spaceplanes in KSP, particularly post 1.0

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I was watching a Hearthstone twitch stream, and the gamer just switched to KSP for a bit.  It immediately caught my attention, haven't played any Hearthstone ever since, but lots and lots of KSP :) Started by watching Scott Manley tutorials and there was no way back from there on.


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I found a video on YouTube ages ago, not knowing what it was. I found out Yogscast Duncan was playing it, and watched his series, which lead me to Scott Manley's Reusable Space Program. I watched that until it ended. I picked up the game around Christmas of that year, and it was on .21 at that time. I remember when the Asteroid Redirect came out, and everyone was amazed by the Claw and 3.75 meter rockets. Then .25 and the new space plane parts happened, and then the .90 beta came out. That stuff was cool. I remember waiting in anticipation for 1.0 to drop, and all of that cool stuff. I actually just last weekend updated to 1.2, so 1.0.5 was my most-used version. Man, it's been a long ride. 

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12 hours ago, Sagacity said:

Whoah! What a great trailer! Wow.

Yeah, it is awesome. The music and all. I think it is fan-made, but it beats a lot of the official trailers if you ask me. It just never gets old. And I think its all stock graphics and parts too. Very well done, whoever did it.

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An xkcd What-If section titled, "Jupiter Descending"


(Definitely needs more struts.)

That linked to a Scott Manley video describing, what was then the most kerbal vehicles he built in KSP. I bought it shortly after 1.0.5, and after asking whether to get it from Squad's store or the Steam store.

Months later, Scott built it!


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Ive always liked anything to do with space travel and rockets, especially anything to do with Apollo.  whilst I was playing "simple rockets" on the tablet and it mentioned it had been inspired by the much more indepth KSP.  I drooled over the pictures and videos I found, but I only had a cheap generic laptop at the time - not a hope of actually playing it.  I then inherited an old but decent laptop and immediately downloaded the demo.

I was initially disappointed as it played at a truly shocking low frame rate but, after turning down all the graphics settings, I found it ran just fine.  It's nice to see other people's screenshots, with everything turned up (and added extras), but when playing the game, I'm so lost in experience, the quality of the visuals makes very little difference.  I'm hooked on playing science mode, setting my own goals and adventure's.  With the possible exception of "Dark Age of Camelot", it's the best game/biggest time sink that I've ever played.

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