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External Command Seat

Long Finger


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You can't fill it in the VAB or SPH. You have to put a pod on it somewhere and crew the pod, then you EVA the Kerbal, right click on the seat and click "board." Then you can jettison the pod. So you weren't doing anything wrong. You just can't put Kerbals in seats directly from the VAB/SPH. However, there is a mod called "Take Command" that allows you to do this. I think it should be stock.

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23 minutes ago, Long Finger said:

but I can't seem to assign crew to it. How do I get this thing crewed for a trial run around Kerbin?

Unfortunately you can't assign crew to the command seat from the VAB or SPH. You have to launch the rover and leave it there , then lunch another manned ship and EVA the kerbal and walk over to the rover. 

Or, alternatively, you can have a pod connected to the rover by a decoupler or stack separator and do it all in one shot. Still have to EVA the kerbal and enter the command seat that way, though. 

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U cant assign crew to those seats, ull have to put probe on rover, drive it off runway to flat grass, then pick a 2 man pod wiv ur crew, then eva em n walk to it.

there is mod somewhere for crewed seat, not sure if its updated for 1.2.

hope that helps

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