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Hallogreen Contest


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Hello everyone,

Halloween is coming and it happens that Kerbals celebrate Hallogreen around this time, as well!
As we announced in KSP Weekly, we want to show our community how much we appreciate you, have a good time with you and give away some plushies to show our love!
That’s why we want you to participate in this HALLOGREEN CONTEST!

What’s the contest about?

You just need to upload a picture of yourself disguised as a KSP themed character (can be a Kerbal, a planet, a vessel or anything you can imagine).

  • Upload your picture on Twitter and use the hashtag #HallogreenKSP 
  • tag us on your picture in Facebook
  • or post your picture in this thread.

All pictures need to be submitted before Monday, October 31st

How will we decide the winners?

We will make a shortlist with the best 5 costumes (based on the originality, creativity and quality of the costumes)  and let the community vote for their favorite!

The winner will be announced on November the 2nd and get a Jeb Plushie!

Happy launchings!

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Hmm, i'm kinda weirdly interested in joining this challenge :D, but 5 days to make a decent costume :confused:.

I think i'm gonna have to call Adam Savage for that :wink:.


But, i could always be Miles Kerman (profile pick) :wink:. Tough he might not be green, he is the mascot of my space program .

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On 2016-10-27 at 2:20 AM, Aperture Science said:

What if I'm a minor?

Then you first have to do your chores and hope that your legal guardian(s) allow you to enter (and doesn't steal your idea).

(Still miffed about youngest no longer being a minor so all my kids can now legally ignore my wise instructions, as they have done for years).

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