Fog/field of view distance.

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Hey guys, so I was looking at a beautifull sight on earth in KSP, and just say the clouds miles away, curving round our planet. And that made me wondering, in KSP it looks like you can like infinity far in atmosphere. Not the vessels, unless you install distant object enhancements, but clouds and terrain. 

In the stock game it doesn't really matter that much because you're on your tiny planet, but in RSS I think it would be a really good improvement if there is a fog in the atmosphere. Just like in real life. That everything eventually 'blends' into the atmosphere. Not the sharp lines of a planet that you get in ksp, even with scatterer, like this:


But if it could be more like this:




If the mod is possible to make, I think it the most logic way to make the fog disapear in the same ratio is the dense of athmosphere does. 

Let me know what you guys think :) 



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