[1.2] Enable breaks on LY-05 Steerable Landing Gear

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This mod enables the breaks (key B) on very basic LY-05 Steerable Landing Gear, since only LY-01 supports breaks (in stock) and its not steerable and not very rover-friendly by design.

Fair warning when using this modification - real-life Cessna 117 front landing gear does not have breaks.


You might want it to design very basic rovers in career or otherwise use it on aircraft.  Might be very useful for early career - for science and comnet.
By default, the breaking force is set to 1.5, which is somewhat less than LY-01 (2.0).


Example of rover (science) using early parts:



This mod is very easy, so you need to make sure ModuleManager is installed and create a text file.


1. Get latest ModuleManager
2. Create a new directory in "GameData", name it how you like ("FreeGearBreaks")
3. In that directory, create a new text file with any name and cfg extension ("FreeGearBreaks.cfg")
4. Paste this in the file using plain text editor:

		@TooltipPrimaryField = Steerable
		name = ModuleWheelBrakes
		baseModuleIndex = 0
		maxBrakeTorque = 1.5
		brakeResponse = 1

5. Save it and play the game.

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