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On the second day of doing this with classes and am finding a bunch of weirdnesses with regards to playing.

Yesterday, I had all my students play the first earth history campaign missions.  I had students with issues from the autopilot not working, to big computer slowdowns, to just freezing.

The commonality I have seen is that it always happens after the student has died at least once.  It also seems to happen when the students pause the simulation (mission one).  Thoughts?

I am pretty sure that there is nothing that can be done, but I am hoping that 1.2 s released soon and fixes these issues.

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Howdy Strait:

I have the game installed on three different desktops.  

When doing the EHC campaigns we often have to restart the computers, especially when transitioning from one EHC to another.  These are some of my top Honors Physics students and some of the first things out of their mouths were, "Lets see if we can reproduce it and see if there is anything that causes it,"  They knew they were my prototype batch so really go into it, obviously.  hehe.  Other than the having to restart at the end of EHC 1, 2 and 3 to go onto the next in the sequence they weren't able to come up with any correlation.  Overall mission 1 does seem to be the most "buggy."

We did notice random issues on one of the three desktops more than the other two, and hardly any random issues on one other one.  But based on some network issues where the save games didn't go to where IT Dept said they should go on the one computer that had the random issues which we figured that might be the cause of it's instabilities, we weren't able to figure anything out there either.

Sorry all I can give you is "correlation doesn't imply causation" answers.  But hey, at least you know there are other groups of physics nerds like you out there who are experiencing similiar issues.



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I purchased 20 copies of the edu version to run with an aerospace class that I am teaching this year and while I am doing that, I have a few students from a Jr. High class coming in to dip their feet in via the EHC.

The Jr. High class gave up because of all the glitches.  With those students there was a lot of failure.  When they would re-load, all manner of issues would creep up.

I purchased one copy off of GOG of the full version of 1.2, installed it on one of the glitchy computers and found that it works much better then the edu version.  You are right though.  I have found the EHC missions really glitchy.

Wish they would update.  Our district paid a lot of money for the 20 copies and it would be nice if it was not quite as glitchy.

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