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Lively Planets: Procedural and more interactive

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On 10/29/2016 at 2:19 AM, RatchetinSpace said:

Procedural generation from save to save just seems like a waste of time. What difference will it make? You're not going to tell me you've been to every part of every planet and seen the same terrain features a dozen times and gotten bored of them.

I DO think we should have volcanoes and geysers and caves and all that stuff. The planet's surfaces are a bit dull and I think they need livening up (Kerbin is pretty good but the rest...).

I have.


For me procedual generated ORBITS are a thing that would make this game much more fun in the replayability effect. Currently the steps to evolve as a space agency are so "simple" and always the same: load a rocket that can do sub orbital, get the first tier, get to the mun, get the second tier, get to minimus and unlock all engiens and then progress further, quick stop by at duna to finish up the tech tree and we might as well be "done".


It would be amazing if we could have different "starts": suddenly you start at a planet without moons, how will you progress then? Or you start at a gigantic planet and you'll have to bunny hop biomes since a full orbit is out of reach early on. (But since the planet is so large there are lots of biomes generated). Or you start at one of the outer planets: now batteries might be very useful instead of just slamming on solar panels. (Oh and this could also allow a "fuel generator", something that creates electricity from fuel without providing thrust).

Taking this idea further: how amazing would it be if (at start) you didn't even know how the solar system looked like. You would actually have to build observatories and space telescopes to find all planets.


Really having the same - or even a predictable - start isn't that fun.

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